OMG! O_o o_O Cannot believe this Blog still exists!

Its been about 3 years since my last post and boy(!), have things changed.

Life happened to me and it happened to me in that sort of way which a thing like life is supposed to happen to people.BI and BA moved away , SH still is around and still is all Round too. I moved away, lost a lot of things, my heart and my RX100 being couple those things! (DAMN BANGALORE!) I moved back (I dont know why) to a crappy job and not a day goes by when I dont shudder at the sight of my office every morning. but heck.. who cares!

I write because I have nothing better to do and I have nothing better to do because I have been a downright Nut! I guess everyone goes through this phase.

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o0 A real Night Out Operation 0o

o0 BA,BI,SH and RO decide to get together and study DC one fine saturday night at RO's place 0o

o0 BA arrives first at RO's place,around 22:30,and both BA and RO wait for the other two to show up.Meanwhile they decide to enqueue songs in the playlist for the night.BA goes through each of 13000 songs in RO's media library(!) and shortlists around 100 for the night. 0o

o0 there is still no sign of BI and SH and BA becomes impatient and wants to go outside to fumigate his lungs.but RO being a good boy as he is,does not believe in fumigating his lungs and decides to stay back 0o

o0 BA leaves and five minutes later calls up RO from the dabba that BI and SH are at the kayf and he was also going there and would make sure that everyone comes to RO's place in 10 mins. 0o

o0 Time by then is 23:30 and 20 mins pass by when all the three of them arrive at RO's place 0o

o0 everyone settles down after little initial hiccups, and they decide determinedly to finish the first two units at the least.0o

o0 SH apparently having not had enough of the initial hiccups,causes some more hiccups,even burps and after much coaxing from the others,settles down himself.

o0 BA takes over the moderatorship for the first unit and then it begins. 24:00 - 01:30 ,they accomplish something which they have never done before.they actually study the first chapter and that too,with the works. Works meaning power point presentations,sites,animations al.0o

o0 But then for some reason,SH starts to get weird ideas and starts taking the whole learning process in a very egoistic way.
SH,BA,BI,RO---> going very slowly and thoroughly through the chapter

SH---> 'arey, wTf? you guys are going slowly because you think i will not be able
to keep up with you.'
BA,BI,RO---> stunned .
SH---> 'you guys always have this superiority complex...yappity yap yap.'
SH---> 'yab yap yap blah yap blah blah yappity yap yap yap.'
BA,BI,RO---> (:S)
SH---> 'yap.'
SH---> walks out of the house with shoes in hand.
BA,BI,RO---> run over by a proverbial train
SH---> gone
RO's out of body entity---> appears

BA,BI,RO---> follow SH to drill some sense into his brain
RO's out of body entity---> surfs porn

BA,BI,RO---> trying to talk sense into SH
RO---> feels something missing from his body,at the same time senses the
satisfaction of surfing porn.
RO's out of body entity---> still surfin porn

SH---> gets some sense drilled into him
BA,BI,RO,SH---> come back to the room.

RO's out of body entity---> alt f4s the porn windows.disappears.

Having spent the time from 01:30 to 01:45 in such a way,four of them finish what remained of the first chapter and decide to take a break/walk/fumigate lungs operation. 0o

o0 They leave the house quietly and stealthily so as to not wake RO's parents up (who ,later,as discovered by RO,were awake). They leave the building, and start walking towards the nearest biryani/cayf/dabba.In time they discover that they are being followed by two men.They increase their pace but still find no increase in distance between them.They contemplate on different plans they could carry out incase the two persons robbed them. BA starts cursing up and down ,right and left so as to appear crude and macho, and advises the rest to do the same. 0o

o0 They walk walk walk walk and Lo! suddenly,from beyond the turn,comes a qualis with blue stripe across it and lights above it.It was the POLICE! Four of them plan to just keep walking,straight ahead,confidently.Not that they had done anything bad,it was just that that being 02:00 in the clock, was just not the right time to be out. BA ,for some reason,instead of walking straight ahead,takes a step or two towards the car and then backs off. In short,behaves S.U.S.P.I.C.I.O.U.S.L.Y .

o0 The persons following BA,BI,SH and RO, turn out to be sudanese students,doing their graduation in hyderabad.Initially,the police guy,who speaks english(!),calls only the two sudanese guys.But then changes his mind,maybe because of BA's suspicious walk or maybe because of SH's african lineage,and also calls us over.After making SH speak 2-3 sentences in telugu ,the guy is convinced that SH is from around AP and lets the 4 of them go. 0o

o0 SH curses BA for his suspicious walk,blaming it for them being called over while BI and RO blame SH's african connections for it.the blame game continues till they reach the local biryani point/ cayf/dabba,with a slight interruption from the local gully dog.They fumigate the moist pristine insides of their lungs,which remain pristine no more after the fumigation. BA and RO realize that they are hungry and order a biryani.They eat,fumigate again and then walk back to the house.

o0 On the way back,they contemplate on prostitution being made legal in india and porn being banned at home,and amsterdam and how they wished they were there and how the mind set of indian people is set on democracy and thus porn can never be banned in homes,as for that a radical change in the the thought process of the governing body will be required and how that would require the change in the mind set of people,which in india is difficult considering its population and also the harmonious existence of all the three waves i.e the agriculture,industrialist and post industrialist waves. 0o

o0 They get back home,and again quietly and stealthily slip back into the room,so as to not wakeup RO's parents,(who at that point were already awake as RO finds out later).BA seemed to be in no mood to study and falls flat on the bed.A discussion flairs up about God and the first prophet and how god committed mistakes and that Christ was the first prophet god sent to earth and then he realized that there were some mistakes he had done and thus decided to send one more prophet and that was Mohammad and so the difference between all religions is nothing but the changes God kept making as he kept sending newer and better prophets to earth.That being done,They decide to start in 10 mins from that time,being 03:30.SH checks his mail,while BI shows off the forums he made for the college.10 mins pass and still SH is checking his mail and BI is showing off.RO is waiting and watching a reading others mails and false praising forums.Then SH suddenly gets horny and wants to see porn,which RO's computer has in generous quantities.But RO is apprehensive,as the computer is connected to the big speakers and a small slip up would result in waking the whole apartment up to the moans of some titilicious porn star.But SH is stubborn and threatens to shout and crib and act all silly. So RO gives in is about to put some on when his parents wake up.His mum is supposed to fast the whole of sunday for her husband,so she has to eat whatever she can early in the morning.It is 04:00 now and BA is fast asleep with snoring and all.RO wants to get out of the house again,and BI hits upon the idea of going to this 24hours coffee shop and gaming parlour.SH jumps to the idea and also to the thought of fumigating his lungs again.The wake up BA and hit the road in the early morning breeze.

o0 They try to race on the way,but the COOOOld winter wind knows better.RO is wearing shorts and feels the cooold breeze circulate through them and feels good,but also wonders why how it could be same as making love in mid air(?) 0o

o0 RO,BA,BI,SH reach the place only to find sudanese students (again) playing the games already.To top it off the coffee shop guy has QTV playing in the TV ,with all anti india stuff and all.For the sudanese students he says,when we ask him why. 0o

o0 RO and SH feel sad that they couldnt kick each others asses in tekken and in remorse, SH,BA and BI fumigate their lungs again. 0o

o0 They return to their respctive homes from there,only to spoil a sunday,sleeping through out it after already wasting a saturday night 0o

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o0 Hyderabad's Shit Pot 0o

o0 Clueless? Tank Bund rings a bell? 0o

o0 People shitting all around the place,morning, afternoon and evening. 0o

o0 Why dont we have Hyderabad's very own 'Annual Shit Out Day' at the Shit Pot.? What say? 0o

o0 One fine morning,maybe after a festival or holiday likes. Why not after Idd and Diwali?Half the city will be loose motioned after them.We can all get together with our lottas or papers,what ever our choices,and just shit together into the shit pot. 0o

o0 Maybe Fullhyd can sponsor the event 0o

o0 And also the shit pot can accomodate 2 lakh ppl together easily, dont you think? Considering everyone needs 1 or 2 feet of space,the circumference of the 'Shit Pot' should be enuf, or if not,we can always have batches. 0o

o0 Maybe we can call YSR to inaugurate the event 0o

o0 Too bad the flush is not working 0o


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* attaches two eloctrodes to the blog *
* turns up the voltage *

Phizzzzle fizzzzhisssss


Phizzzzzle fizzzzhisssss

Phizzle fizzhisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
shik shik chigg chigg chiug chiug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug.............

ITs alive! Its alive!!!!!

* lays down the electrodes,goes off to celebrate on resurrecting the blog *


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o0 this is a story  about a dumb fowl and a true one at that.0o

o0 we have a taxi stand for our neighbours,and these guys,for some unknown reasons have a lot of animals.From chickens to dogs and monkeys to snakes! 0o

o0 These animals are really strange,and do some real strange things,even for there own kind. 0o

o0 I ve had the oppurtunity to observe the fowls there,and believe me, it was very intriguing.And here in this post i will try to convey to you,the whole "ritual" carried out by one of these animals,a fowl. 0o

o0 One thing that can clear the mystery behind the ritual,is the strange behavior of the fowl.It crows at about 2 am every morning,with all punctuality(My mum giving the explanation,"imported murga hai") .Every morning from 2am to about  2:30am,the fowl crows with all its might,and then,all is quite through out the night.Day Dawns and still everything is quite.The fowl dosent crow when it is supposed to,deepening the mystery further!

 At about 11:30 am,the real action explain it better,i will be using diagrams.

 At 11:30,the cock jumps over the wall,seperating our apartments from the taxi stand,and frantically paces up and down the wall for reasons unknown.Now the situation is something like this

     (Apartments)   |fowl|  hen   (Taxi stand)

  All this time the hen is on the taxi stand,pacing along with her hubby,but the only difference being ,she is on the ground on the taxi stand side.

  Then at about 11:45,after about 4 laps of the wall,the cock jumps over on to our side of the wall.Now the situation is something like this.

    (Apartments)   fowl || hen   (Taxi stand)

  At 11:45 ,starts the most bizarre of animal behaviors, I have ever seen in my life!.The cock starts making some really mysterious noises..something like ...puk puk puk puk.....this continues at a very low volume for some time....and then there is a sudden PUKKKAAAAAK.The fowl goes mad,and furiously pecks at the wall.At the same time,the hen on the other side also goes mad,making more weird noises,which, Iam not able to put in words.These noises are accompanied by small high pitched chee chee 's ,which the small chicks make,who having woken up from there slumber,have joined there mother in the strange ritual.The situation is something likethis now

 (Apartments)   fowl>>|| hen,Chick1,chick2 (taxi stand)

  This strange behaviour,continues for about an hour,ie from 11:45 to about 12:45.To an outsider, it would look,as if the cock is stuck on our side of the building,and it is frantically trying to get back to his family on the other side of the wall.

  Then at about 12:45,the cock suddenly stops.All is quite.Then at about 12:50,theres a loud PUKKAAAKAKAKAKAK!!.The loud PUKKAKAKAK,can only be the victory shout,as the level of content in the pukkak is really high.Having given the victory Pukak,the cock quietly climbs the old run down van,parked next to the wall,and crosses over to the taxistand side of the wall.There he is greeted happily and excitedly by his family,and they proudly walk back to there coop.the cock even challenges the dumb labrador,whos come to investigate the commotion,and to top it off,the dumb dog is actually scared of the dumb fowl,and so,backs off,and the fowl family march on to there house!.

This happens nearly everyday,with strict punctuality,and also with the dumb labrador challenging the dumb fowl everyday,and also running away from the dumb fowl.0o


o0 As this "phenomenon",has not been recorded anywhere else in the world(nowhere that i know of),I have decided to share this rare experience with my fellow Bloggers.If anyone is interested to see this "phenomenon"first hand,you can always drop by.A front row seat from my balcony,along with snacks will be provided.All this for 50rs only(welcome drink included).So those interested,please contact 0o

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o0 Sitting here on my plastic chair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and that is all i seem to be doing.Sitting 0o

o0 Eating french toasts,with german sauce,on my chinaware,sitting on this plastic italian chair,wearing shoes made in china,typing on a keyboard assembled in taiwan,listenening to American adult rock on speakers made in japan,and in doubts of the english team Mclaren Beating the german driver michael schumacher,in the canadian grand prix .....i wonder if i can learn french 0o




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o0 Me am finally here 0o

o0 Woooooo mama!!!.....3000+ views for fallen angel!!!!! 0o

o0 But me could care less. 0o

o0 Zilch 0o

o0 me going back 0o

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o0 Shit does happen in this world!Maybe i have realized it late,but it does happen......and it is pretty ugly shit.Was going through this article in the newspaper.....was about an interview with a afghan police personel.This guy apparently,was mistook as one of the taliban and jailed.The way the americans abused this really ugly..cant go into the the article for urself...13 may's DC has it ...u can also find it in the new york times site.The article is titled "An Afghan gives his own account of US abuse" by carllota gal 0o

o0 makes me think,that these Mot*** Fu**** americans deserved the 9/11 incident 0o

o0 The above statement can not and should not be held against me,under any situation what so ever,cause when i typed the above,i was under the influence of pure rage!! 0o

o0 u never know anything with these americans nowadays......the next thing u know is a bunch of guys in black suits come breaking my door down 0o

o0 neways, talkin of good shit,,,,try saying "glee" continuosly,when u are upset or down.Iam sure itll put a smile on your face 0o

o0 too sad to write anything else 0o

o0 One thing i gotto share though.I coudnt stop laughing when i read this.Apparently this is a headline on NYtimes paper "IN A HUGE UPSET,GANDHI'S PARTY WINS ELECTION IN INDIA" =)) 0o

o0 check out the guitar in the last post again ;) 0o 

o0 Is it me..or are we having more power cuts in the last two days....rite from when naidu retired...:P 0o

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o0WOOO!!!!Check the guitar out!If i had this guitar,would have been an ace guitarist by now ;)0o

o0note to myself-Ask parents for this guitar on scoring good percentage in externals.. ;D0o

o0Theres a pretty interesting story behind the making of this guitar.Some smartaleck guitar maker,hit on the idea after watching a GnR concert,where SLASH smacks the base of the guitar at the end of Sweet Child o mine,while fretting with his left hand!0o

o0Supposedly...a lot of people who own this guitar...have drilled holes in them.....i think u know why ;)0o

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*why is life so unfair?.....especially to me!*

*Just when i thought that ,life couldnt get any worse,lady luck comes along in the form of my friend and slaps my face with a huge trout!*

*this trout being the most smelliest and the ugliest and rotiest(if any superlative as such)and all other superlatives which describe the worst and the yuckiest thing that a trout can get!*

*i thought id hit the bottom ,the rock bottom,the bottom of the mines of moria(geeky way to put it),by taking admission in a depressing college with no junta of my type......*

*.....but i was wrong*

*Just when i was settling into the groove ,feeling satisfied atlast that iam not the only one not having fun and neither getting any so famous "south ki padayi" done.....this friend of mine...comes along with the trout in his hand......thwapakkkkkkkkkkk!...stuns me with a "putting jackie chan to shame" blow on my face*

*apparently.....theres a lot of junta out there,having fun!.HAVing Friggin fun!...while iam stuck here......:(*

*Gotto do something abt that ......but how?*

*Sheena is a punk rocker! :(*

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*don like this at all.....not at all........all the most visited blogs will remain the most visited blogs,as they are the most prominent and the first blogs ppps see when they open the blogs page......not good ...not good at all.*

*unless and until i keep posting on my blog....that way the title of the new post will appear on the top.Then ppps will go to my blog.And i will have all the traffic.....yes..yesss...Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha.*

*But is that what i want?......Is that why iam writing these day to day accounts of the best thoughts i have whole day?...Is it all only to get ppps to read them?.....BLOODY WELL it is.*


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*Jumping With joy! There is life in the blogs after all.......*

*might ask fallen angel to marry me if Megan mc Cormick turns me down...after all fallen angel also says ki,shes a hot babe!*

*Is SLASH the greatest guitarist of all times or what?One Heck of a guitarist!!!*

*Bucket head is not that bad though....fills SLASH's place perfectly*

*should download videos of Guns n roses for inspiration*

*Wonder where ill get that mod chip to play pirated CD's in PS2*

*So what, if i dont have a PS2?Atleast my friend does:D.....Just helpin out a friend ...... hes gettin so bored u know....playin only one game.;)*

*Shit!..have an electrical technology exam tommorow...the only thing on my mind shud be Electrical technology!!*

*A dc generator converts the produced ac current into the required dc using a commutator*

*Hells Bells by AC/DC is such a good song!*


*Concentrate on ET>>>ET>>>>ET*



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*Am i doing this the rite way?*

*Did i really write my MEFA exam that well?*

*I wonder if Fallen Angel is a hot babe.....or on the other hand,can even be a guy!!*

*Omertaman is definitely someone i know*

*does johnny speak like he writes.If so,where did he get his accent from?*

*That friggin junior from my college considers my house as a god damn internet parlour...*

*.....but then also has all the videos of Oasis*

*Will Megan Mc Cormick agree to marry me?*

*why do i have to listen to my mum always!!>*

*gonna get rebellious!!!*


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